We are proud to welcome ALEO LED Lighting to our family of lighting products.


Aleo Lighting is paving the way in a new frontier in energy efficiency, demand reduction, and smart lighting controls. Leveraging the benefits of LED technology and aggressively implementing new wireless controls technology, the Aleo team is developing new innovative solutions to achieve greater energy savings, smarter systems, and myriad of non-energy benefits, such as improved facility operations, improved safety and security, more access and control of a building’s lighting system. As LED performance and savings potentials plateau, smarter networked lighting controls offer a new frontier of opportunities.


The Future is Blue

Aleo Lighting embraces innovation and change. That is why we are adopting Bluetooth Mesh in a big way. We are champions of the potential that this technology can bring to lighting. Ubiquitous in consumer electronics, the scale, cost effectiveness, performance, and functionality is tried and true. Bluetooth brings the benefits of being wireless, interoperable, scalable and future-proof.


  • Fastest Low Power Communication
  • Scalability to Thousands of Devices
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Advanced Encryption Standards
  • Cutting Edge Device Authentication
  • Self-healing Mesh Network
  • Over the Air Updates
  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Web and iOS apps
  • No Specialized Training Expertise Needed
  • Future-proof, with Software Updates
  • Lighting Zones / Grouping
  • Built-In Scenarios + Customization


Barron Lighting Group has a 43 year old history of manufacturing high quality lighting products. Our deep rooted core value of service and providing satisfaction for customers, vendors and employees has led to significant organic growth and a suite of products that can fulfill virtually any commercial lighting requirement.

Established in 1989, DuraGuard Products Inc. has grown into a worldwide leader of the lighting industry. DuraGuard Products is an OEM manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures as well as many other electrical products. In-house fabrication and powder coating, two of our many services, are part of the reasons we can offer you greater flexibility in your lighting options.

Founded in 1969, FSC is an energy-efficient lighting manufacturer that believes in going beyond efficiency. At our headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California, we make and assemble commercial and industrial energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our “Made With Care” program integrates teams of developmentally disabled adults into our product assembly and testing processes, through a partnership with Anthesis.

As a leading Canadian lighting solutions provider for the past 75 years we've specialized in the manufacture and supply of fixtures for the commercial, industrial, institutional and medical fields. Led by a dynamic team, who bring forth a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience, Peerless Electric is primed and ready for the ever-changing lighting landscape.

CTL’s commitment to craftsmanship over the years has yielded aesthetically elegant and functional lighting. Quality from top to bottom, starts from the drawing board, to the materials and components, to production methods, to testing, and finally inspection. Its all wrapped up in customer service from the time you order, to after service of your products.


We are a small, family owned and run Lighting Rep Agency based in Long Lake, MN. Tim S., owner and CEO, opened for business in 1992. For nearly 30 years we have provided the best customer service and value in the industry. We specialize in design build projects with emphasis on value and customer service. With a local warehouse stocked full of the newest and greatest LED Lighting in the market we provide a unique service that no other Rep can. With in house Engineering and warehousing. Combined with our ability to store product and setup deliveries on your job site's schedule makes Infinity Group your one stop shop! We hand pick our Manfacturers so we have a well rounded line card and are able to provide you with the knowledge needed to make the best choice for your lighting needs.